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Sur Fasteners serves with its experienced and young staff in the cold forging manufacturing of fasteners. Sur Fasteners, which has a wide machine park for the production of standard and special fasteners, produces screws, bolts, rivets, nuts and special parts. It manufactures in DIN and ISO norms with its 16 group machine park consisting of the latest technology multi-station presses and rolling machines, and 15 experienced staff who are experts in their fields. Our company, which can process 120 tons of wire per month, can produce approximately 35 million pieces of fasteners per month. Sur Fasteners, which can produce fasteners from 2 mm diameter to 12 mm diameter and 3 mm to 100 mm length, produces fasteners for many sectors, especially automotive, white goods, furniture, Window, lock, electricity and hinge manufacturers. Sur Fasteners serves with a production approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction with quality production, economical price and on time delivery.
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